In Finnish language, 'nami-hiiri' is a play on words. 'Nami' meaning sweets or yummy, and 'hiiri' is a mouse. It holds a similar meaning to sweet tooth in English, but with an even "sweeter" undertone.

The blogger , nami-hiiri likes everything sweet, especially chocolate, but not just any chocolate. It must be of high-quality and taste good. Nami-hiiri's work revolves mostly around chocolate. It seems that chocolate doesn't ever leave her in peace, not in summer, not in winter. Though it's possible, but not certain, that it might be the other way around.

Nami-hiiri's worktable is usually filled of so many quality, practical and useful objects, that it's hard to tell what the original color of the table was. There's not even room for a coffee cup! Chocolate, however, has a special place reserved for it on the worktable. Some of the chocolate is part of nami-hiiri's work, but when energy is low, there 's always a little chocolate designated to give nami-hiiri the extra boost needed to finish the complex task at hand.

Nami-hiiri selects packaging materials: ribbons, paper, cards etc. to compliment each product. The end product might be harmoniously stylish, perhaps joyously trend or even a triumphant symphony of colors. She, however, is modest and can easily count her favourite colors or objects on one hand.

Little nami-hiiri is not proud or arrogant. "She's a bit old, but just fine." When she succeeds, she rewards herself. It's quite pleasing to discover one's own abilities and be able to recognize you've succeeded, but nami-hiiri is humble. She is aware that there are others with greater abilities.